Deadline FAQs

Following are frequently asked questions related to our application deadlines. If you don't find the answer to your question, contact us!

Why should I submit a "priority" application?

If you submit a priority application, a campus committee will review all materials submitted by the priority deadline and provide feedback on your application's strengths and weaknesses. Applicants and recommendation writers may then revise their work over break before officially submitting an individual scholarship application before the actual campus deadline.

Do I need to submit the actual scholarship application as part of my priority application?

Only for the Fulbright and Boren. In fact, many other applications are not even ready at this point. You will, of course, need to submit the actual scholarship application for the required campus deadlines.

I won't be in Champaign for the priority deadline. In what form do you need the materials?

For the Fulbright and Boren, everything is submitted online through their scholarship sites. For other scholarships, all priority application materials may be submitted remotely. Transcripts may be sent directly to our office. Referees may also send letters of recommendation directly to us (hard copy or email). In addition, you may send your essays and résumé as email attachments, along with your Scholarship Waiver.

What if I miss the priority deadline?

You are still encouraged to submit materials before the official campus deadlines. The difference is that you will receive feedback solely from scholarships personnel and not from other reviewers across campus.

Why don't the scholarships I'm interested in have a priority deadline?

Some awards explicitly disallow you from receiving feedback on your materials and others have deadlines later in the year. You are also encouraged to submit your application drafts for the latter scholarships early in order to receive advice and feedback from our office.