Our Reviewers

Review committees are another important part of our scholarship process. Students at Illinois are fortunate to have numerous exceptional faculty and staff devoted to our cause. Committee members spend hours reviewing applications, engaging with candidates in interviews, and providing insightful feedback to assist in the revision process.

Following is a list of our 2015-2016 scholarship committee members. We greatly appreciate all those who served this past year!

2015-2016 Marshall, Schwarzman, and Gates Priority Review Committee

  • Monica Fountain-Assistant Director, iWriteADream Foundation
  • Tony Leggett-Professor, Physics
  • Nick Llewellyn-Lecturer, Chemistry
  • Chris Macklin-Assisant Professor, Music

2015-2016 Marshall, Mitchell, and Rhodes Interview Committee

  • Monica Fountain-Assistant Director, iWriteADream Foundation
  • Jon Higdon-Professor, Chemical  & Biomolecular Engineering
  • Chris Macklin-Assistant Professor, Music
  • Doug Spaniol-Professor, Music, Butler University

2015-2016 Marshall Scholarship Mock Interview Committee

  • Fred Lamb-Research Professor, Physics
  • Bruce Michelson-Emeritus Professor, English
  • Martha Weinberg-National Council on the Humanities

2015-2016 Schwarzman Interview Committee

  • Rich Johnson-Assistant Dean, College of Business
  • John Jordan-Retired Executive Director of YMCA
  • Tony Leggett-Professor, Physics
  • Dan Shao-Associate Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures

2015-2016 Gates Interview Committee

  • Jim Dalling-Professor, Plant Biology
  • Noah Isserman-Visiting Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
  • Penny Soskin-Assistant Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences-Retired

2015-2016 Luce Interview Committee

  • Anne Burkus-Chasson- Associate Professor, East Asian Languages & Cultures
  • Sam Chadwick-Civil Engineering, Former Luce Scholar
  • Elizabeth Oyler-Director, Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies

2015-2016 Goldwater Endorsement Committee

  • May Berenbaum-Department Head, Entomology
  • AJ Hildebrand-Professor Emeritus, Mathematics
  • Angela Williams-Associate Director, Center for south Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

2015-2016 Truman Interview Committee

  • Ken Ballom-Associate Vice Chancellor, Dean of Students
  • Bob Rich-International Programs and Studies
  • Penny Soskin-Assistant Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences-Retired
  • Gayle Spencer-Director, Illinois Leadership Center

2015-2016 Fulbright Priority Review Committee

  • Kirsten Bartels-Director, LAS Honors
  • Kristin Bouton-Senior Instructor, Intensive English Institute
  • Angelina Cotler-Associate Director, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
  • Arif Fazel-Academic Advisor, School of Chemical Sciences
  • Gretchen Forman-Senior Lecturer and Academic Coordinator, Intensive English Institute
  • Elis Gomes Artz-Program Coordinator, Lemann Institute for Brazilian Studies
  • Lena Hann- Clinical Instructor, MPH Program Coordinator, School of Public Health
  • Joseph Hinchliffe-Director of Undergraduate Studies, Political Science
  • Nicole Holtzclaw-Stone-Director of Undergraduate Studies, Sociology
  • Laila Hussein-Moustafa-Assistant Professor, International and Area Studies Library
  • Keilin Jahnke-Graduate Research Assistant, Industrial and Enterprise System Engineering
  • Anna Kasten-Senior Lecturer, Intensive English Institute
  • Alisha Kirchoff-Former Associate Director, Russian, E. European, Eurasian Center
  • Shikha Lakhanpal-PhD Candidate, Geography and Geographic Information Science
  • Daniel Moroun- Study Abroad Assistant, French and Italian
  • Michael Myers-Academic Advisor, Division of General Studies
  • Shawna Naidu-Coordinator of MCB Honors, School of Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Mike Nelson, European Union Center
  • Un Yeong Park- Visiting Assistant Director, Career Center
  • Kimberly Powers-Academic Advisor, Division of General Studies
  • Matt Price-Learning Support Coordinator, University of North Alabama
  • Todd Robinson-Associate Director, ACDIS at International Programs and Studies
  • Karen Rodriquez- Associate Director, Office of Undergraduate Research
  • Carleen Sacris-Visiting Lecturer, Intensive English Institute
  • Mark Safstrom-Coordinator, Scandinavian Studies Program
  • Alejandra Seufferheld-Outreach Coordinator, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
  • Mara Thacker-Assistant Professor, International abd Area Studies Library
  • Michael Tilley-Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Music
  • Neil Vander Most-PhD Candidate, Political Science
  • Yimin Wang-Associate Director, Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies
  • Tim Wedig-Associate Director, LAS Global Studies
  • Andrew Weiss-Champaign Park District, Landscape Architecture

2015-2016 Fulbright Interview Committee

  • Alison Anders-Associate Professor, Geology
  • Mary Arends-Kuenning-Associate Professor, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
  • Robert Barrett-Associate Professor, English
  • Tom Bassett-Professor, Geography, Director, LAS Global Studies
  •  Andrea Beller-Professor Emerita, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
  • Julia Bello-Assistant Director, Center for African Studies
  • Johnell Bentz-Clinical Associate Professor, Special Education
  • Carol Berthold-Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
  • Brenden Carollo-Director of Fourth Semester Spanish, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Audrey Chun-Graduate Teaching Assistant, East Asian Languages and Cultures
  • Ramona Curry-Associate Professor, English
  • Sandy Dall'Erba-Associate Professor, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
  • Sherrie Danielson-Senior Coordinator of International Projects, Illinois Abroad
  • Laura Davies Brenier-Lecturer, Slavic Languages and Literature
  • Charles Fogelman-PhD Candidate, Geography and Geographic Information Science
  • Glen Goodman-Assistant Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
  • James Goodman Dobbins-Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
  • Gloriana Gonzalez Rivera-Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Verena  Hoefig-Postdoctoral Research Associate, Germanic Languages and Literature
  • Norbert Huether-Lecturer, Intensive English Institute
  • Florencia Henshaw-Director of Advanced Spanish Language, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Joy Huang-Assistant Professor, Recreation, Sport, and Tourism
  • Al Habbal-Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
  • Roman Ivashkiv-Lecturer, Slavic Languages and Literature
  • John Karam-Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Sue Keehn-Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
  • Tanu Kohli-Lecturer and Academic Advisor, Global Studies
  • John Kotnarowski-Lecturer, Linguistics
  • Eduardo Ledesma-Assistant Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Mariselle Melendez-Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Bruce Michelson-Professor Emeritus, English
  • Parthiban Muniandy-Lecturer and Academic Advisor, LAS Global Studies
  • Erin O'Reilly-Director, Intenstive English Institute
  • Tara Powell-Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
  • Christopher Prom-Associate Professor, Library Administration; Assistant University Archivist
  • Daniel Schneider-Professor, Urban and Regional Planning
  • Carina Schumann-Visiting Instructor, Germanic Languages and Literature
  • Katherine Syer-Associate Professor, Musicology
  • Cristina Toharia-Visiting Lecturer, French and Italian
  • John Wagstaff-Associate Professor and Head, Music and Performing Arts Library
  • Xinlei Wang-Associate Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
  • Maureen Warren-Curator fo European and American Art, Krannert Art Museum
  • Jim Wentz-Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
  • Angela Williams-Associate Director, Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
  • Hicham Zemmahi-Instructor, Arabic

2015-2016 Beinecke Endorsement Committee

  • Rob Barrett-Associate Professor, English
  • Jeff Mondak-Professor, Political Science
  • Audrey Sistler-Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

2015-2016 Udall Endorsement Committee

  • Bev Herzong-Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
  • Jon Liebman-Professor Emeritus, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Jonathan Tomkin-Associate Director, Sch Earth, Soc, Eviron Studies
  • Robert Warrior-Professor, American Indian Studies Program

2015-2016 Boren Endorsement Committee

  • Al Habbal-Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
  • Janice Jayes-Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
  • Angela Williams-Associate Director, Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

You can view a list of our past scholarship reviewers here.