Selection Interviews

If you're shortlisted for a scholarship, you'll most likely have an interview.

The interview procedure is different for each scholarship. Some awards, such as the Beinecke and Goldwater, do not require an interview, while others, such as the Luce, are based primarily on interview performance. Some interviews will be grueling, while others are less confrontational. At the campus level, our office generally mirrors the interview process conducted at the national level for each award. 

Several resources are available to help you strengthen your interview skills. Our office regularly administers interviews to help rate and select our candidates. We also conduct mock interviews for scholarship finalists. In addition, we encourage you to utilize resources through the Career Center at Illinois and review tips from Willamette University's Interview Guidelines.

Josie Chambers and Matt Grobis describe the on-campus mock interview for shortlisted applicants.

Scholarship recipients Josie Chambers and Stephanie Maldonado describe the off-campus interview process for finalists.