Getting Started

So, you want to win a prestigious scholarship or fellowship.

The difference between the student who is competitive for a variety of prestigious scholarships and the one who is not, is based on more than GPA. The competitive student has taken advantage of academic, extracurricular, scholarly, and service activities, or even better, created their own!

  • Are well-rounded.
  • Are actively involved.
  • Are resourceful.
  • Have a demonstrated potential for independent research or study.
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to the betterment of society.
  • Have a demonstrated potential for leadership.
  • Have initiative and drive.
  • Have faith in their own potential for accomplishment.
  • Are interesting and interested.
  • Are well-informed, well-read, and articulate.
  • Can hold their own in intellectual discussions and debates.
  • Bring out the best in themselves and others.
  • Give of themselves.
  • Enjoy life.

The videos below will serve to help you as you start to think about applying for national awards. Whether or not you win one or more scholarships, you may find that you  get far more out of your education—and your life—by going through the application process.

Our director, David Schug, discusses how to prepare for scholarship opportunities.

Former applicants Josie Chambers, Matt Grobis, and Stephanie Maldonado describe how they first heard about different scholarship opportunities.