Scholarship Award Winners


We are eagerly waiting to hear which other outstanding Illini will earn opportunities this year!

Critical Language Scholarship

Congratulations to the eight Illini who were named alternates or offered 2020 CLS Scholarships before the program was cancelled due to Covid-19. They merit recognition!

Meral Aycicek, Arabic alternate
Anabelle Clark, Mandarin alternate
Audrey Dombro, Arabic alternate
Caleb Griffin, Arabic alternate

Mary Buchheit, Hindi
Cullen O'Connor, Arabic
Melanie Rohla, Swahili
Buyandelger Tsetsengarid, Russian

Schwarzman Scholarship

There are some amazing Illinois students. In this year's Fulbright competition, we set a school record with 21 of our applicants placing in the competition (14 offered awards and 7 named alternates). We also assisted our first Yenching Academy scholarship recipient, an Illinois student was named a Goldwater Scholar, two students were named Boren Scholars, and two students were awarded Critical Language Scholarships. Further, an Illinois student received one of 60 UK Summer Fulbright Scholarships (the eighth Illinois student so honored in the past five years). Among our other applicants was a Truman finalist, a Udall honorable mention, and two Gates Cambridge finalists.

Boren Scholarship
Critical Language Scholarship
Fulbright Scholarship
Goldwater Scholarship
Udall Scholarship

Joey Kreiling - Honorable Mention

UK Summer Fulbright Scholarship
Yenching Scholarship
2017-18 Recipients

Illinois students shone in nearly every competition entered in 2017-18:

  • Four Goldwater nominees→ 3 Recipients & 1 honorable mention
  • Three Boren applicants→ 2 Awardees
  • Three Truman nominees→ 1 interview finalist
  • Four Gates applicants→ 1 interview finalist
  • Three Marshall nominees→ 2 interview finalists
  • One Rhodes nominee→ 1 Recipient
  • 48 Fulbright applicants→ 11 Recipients & 4 alternate
  • Four Knight-Hennessy applicants→ 1 Recipient
  • Five Schwarzman applicants→ 1 Recipient (declined) & 2 alternates
  • Three Luce nominees → 1 interview finalist

In sum, from among our 101 applicants, in every competition with an interview component, an Illinois student advanced to the final stage. In total, 19 Illinois students accepted approximately $900,000 from these scholarships. Additionally, 29 Illinois students earned another $100,000 in other awards, including UK Summer Fulbrights, Gilman, and Critical Languages Scholarships.

Boren Scholarship
Critical Language Scholarship
Fulbright Scholarship
UK Summer Fulbright Scholarship
Goldwater Scholarship
Knight Hennessy Scholarship
Rhodes Scholarship
2016-17 University of Illinois Recipients

Of the 97 students who applied for the 13 major awards administered through our office in 2016-17, 21 were offered funding in excess of $600,000, including 15 of our 50 Fulbright applicants (two more were named alternates). Other highlights include: a Marshall (1 of 40 nationally), Truman (1 of 62 nationally), Udall (1 of 50 nationally), and Schwarzman (1 of 129 internationally). The overall acceptance rate of these awards is five percent of nominated students; few universities in the country can match Illinois students’ combined level of success. Illinois students also received Goldwater and Boren scholarships. Additionally, 19 Illinois students earned another $100,000 in other awards, including UK Summer Fulbrights (1 of 60), Gilman, and Critical Languages Scholarships.

Boren Undergraduate Scholarships
Critical Language Scholarship
Fulbright Grant
UK Summer Fulbright Institute
Goldwater Scholarship
Marshall Scholarship
Schwarzman Scholarship
Truman Scholarship