Nominating students for awards

Please help us assist your best and brightest students (from first-year undergraduates to seniors) in applying for nationally competitive awards!

Nominate Your "Top Scholars"

We have found that students respond best when personally “tapped on the shoulder” by a mentor they already know and respect.

Do You Know a Potential Applicant for a Prestigious Scholarship?

  • You have a noteworthy mentoring relationship with this student
  • Student conducts independent study or research
  • Student displays leadership and/or participates in service
  • Student goes beyond coursework by reading journals or attending seminars
  • Student is among the top 3% you have encountered, generally over a 3.7 GPA
  • Student would benefit from graduate work at a world-class institution

Please email the following invitation (or something similar) to your nominee(s) and copy us at

“Congratulations on your success at Illinois. I believe you have the potential to be a competitive applicant for some national awards. The University of Illinois National and International Scholarships Program exists to assist you in applying for various prestigious scholarships. I encourage you to contact them at 217-333-4710 or with a few times you are available to meet. They will schedule an appointment to share application information and what you should be doing to prepare and apply for some of these awards. Further information on these opportunities is available at